Stunning Bespoke Home Design Solutions

House of Zunn specialise in unique creative solutions which are tailored to your individual needs. The layout and design of your living space should be dictated by your lifestyle and tastes, it’s odd then, that so many interior design companies seem to approach interior projects as if it’s the other way around, forcing their designs and their vision on the client rather than taking the time to understand what the client really needs. House of Zunn strived to make a conscious break with this kind of industry mentality and instead, adopt an individualised approach with bespoke design interiors that perfectly align with the lifestyle and vision of the client.

A talented team of designers dedicated to creating your ideal living space

We create bespoke interiors which our clients can enjoy, engage with, and grow in. They are timeless, adaptable, functional and beautiful. Our design process is entirely dictated by the needs of each client. When a new client comes in, we take the time to understand what they want as well as what their budget and lifestyle can facilitate. The next step is to use this knowledge to inform the conceptualisation and design process. The client is consulted throughout the course of the project to ensure our work stays true to their vision and expectations.

Our in-house furniture design enables us to create completely unique interiors

To enhance the custom interior solutions we are able to offer to our clients, we offer bespoke furniture design services. All of the furniture we use in our fit outs is designed and manufactured in our warehouse to ensure quality and originality. This purpose built furniture forms a crucial part of the overall home design and enables us to create timeless, one of a kind living spaces.

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For more information on the range of creative commercial and residential solutions our bespoke interior designers can offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the House of Zunn team.