Custom made

Unique Custom Made Furniture

House of Zunn’s in-house furniture design capabilities enables us to create stunning purpose built interiors which speak to our clients’ needs and vision. Nothing has the ability to shape a living or working space quite like furniture. Unfortunately, the types of furniture readily available is heavily influenced by current trends, which is limiting for both designers and their clients. When creating an interior, designers are faced with two choices; to design spaces around the ‘on trend’ furniture commercially available, or outsource and commission costly bespoke pieces if the client’s budget allows for it. This restricts the creative potential of a space to only a few trend driven designs which become quickly dated. As an established joinery and interior design consultancy, House of Zunn is able to circumvent these restrictions and offer clients exceptional and affordable furnishing solutions which are tailored to suit their needs.

Elegant furnishing solutions from an established furniture manufacturer and supplier

As custom furniture manufacturers with over a decade of experience delivering exceptional pieces to a diverse client base, the team at House of Zunn are more than capable of creating quality furnishings to suit your unique interior vision. Each and every piece of furniture is masterfully crafted out of high quality materials. The finished result is a timeless, one of a kind piece which conforms perfectly to the functional and aesthetic requirements of the space it has been designed for. Out talented team of interior designers are adept at using these custom made furnishings to craft unique interiors which the client will be able to use and enjoy for many years to come.

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